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Description: They focus to provide a local online market place whereby Newfoundlanders and Labradorians can freely advertise classified items
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Definitely better than what you find on print!

Before, classified ads can only be found in newspapers and magazines.  It is crammed and its text can be so small that readers need a magnifying glass to read through the various advertisements.  Most often than not pictures are non-existent and when you do find pictures, it is as good as nothing at all!  If it is not too small to discern, it is grainy at best.  With this website there is no more eye-straining to read the text; but what is best is that the pictures can be enlarged for better viewing and then some!  Product description is complete—unlike its printed counterpart which is truncated to fit the limited space.  This enables the potential customer to have a better understanding of the product and in the process arrive at a sound judgment.

Wider variety and More Options

The web site offers a wider variety of categories to search in.  Agriculture, automobiles, books, electronics, music, you name it and there is a high possibility that you’ll find it here.  Searching can either just be a click of a category or if you know what you are looking for by quick search option.

Bargain Prices

Patience is a virtue.  If you have the patience to search and look through the various categories, chances are you will find the best bargains to trigger the Pavlovian dog in you.  I am a gadget and book guy and I found a couple of items that struck my fancy (not to mention—my wallet!).  Definitely buying!

Not only for Buyers

We have been talking about buying all throughout the course of this review.  If you think that is all there is to this site—well, you are wrong brother!  You can also post SELL items also and it’s for free!  Yes, you got that right—FREE!  As in no payment!  Just register to become a member and you can start posting your merchandize.  Oh, and YES, registration is also free!

Areas for Improvement

While the site is generally worth your time to browse and shop at the following may need the attention of the administrator:

1.  Homepage Design – Though a simple design is not a bad idea, giving the visitor reason to stick a while and navigate through your catalog is highly dependent on how your homepage looks.  Make it interesting and keep those visitors clicking!

2.  “The page you are trying to access is restricted or unavailable” – That is the message you will see upon opening the link to this site.  Most will just veer away upon seeing this message thinking that they clicked on a bum link.

3.  Fill up those Menu options or put them down!  I noticed that there is a Careers option on the menu bar and there is the New JOBS tab—looks synonymous to me.  However, the Careers option is empty.  If you do not plan on putting anything under this option—take it down!

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