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Description: PistonHeads site knows cars and lots of it. They offer information about the best cars you can have and how you can use your car to its full potential.
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PistonHeads Classifieds

Pistonheads Classifieds Review

For car-lovers, onlookers, a simple car enthusiast or just drooling over a nice, shiny, over-the-edge car, you can look it over at PistonHeads Classifieds. If you are looking for something in particular and within your budget, this site may just have it for you, for those who have the need for speed.

PistonHeads site knows cars and lots of it. They offer information about the best cars you can have and how you can use your car to its full potential. Each car model has full reviews and specifications you can use to make sound decision on what car you plan to purchase. Members are ecstatic about the list of cars available and overwhelmed with the information gathered about their beloved car. They visit the site frequently to check on the latest trends, news updates, venues for car shows and other resources.

Now that you are equipped with the right information about what car is right for you, you should turn then to the PistonHeads Classifieds. Open for those who want to rid of their car and for those who are looking for a car. You may find your perfect match here. You can bargain for the price of the car you want or go extravagant with the most advanced, brand new car the dealers can offer.

You may post standard adverts in PistonHead Classifieds for free or pay a nominal fee of GBP 16.00 for Premium adverts. Standard adverts include 3 photographs and a long text field, while the Premium adverts can list 9 photographs in addition to the text field. Besides these, the Premium ads are always on top of the list and are always a priority. Standard adverts get to be behind the premium ads. In popular categories, the standard ads are way back of the page. All adverts will be published and stay in the site for 30 days. It is your prerogative to extend or not. For premium ads, you need to pay GBP 16.00 again for relisting. If you are selling more than 6 cars per year, you might as well sign up as a trader with trade account.

In 2010, about more than 83,000 sales were made through PistonHead Classifieds, totaled to amount close to GBP 755,000,000. That is a great sale. Currently, they have 103,000 adverts and still counting.

What I like about this is that it is easy to navigate. They have organized the page alphabetically with the car brands and other stuff, arranged it by vehicle types and models, even the boring stuff. If you decide to sell your car, you can sign up to post an advert. You would not get lost with their easy to follow and self-explanatory instructions. You can also post adverts for non-motoring stuff. You can post about your business or other stuff you want to buy or sell.

This also made resources available for buyers and sellers. PistonHead is also a member of VSTAG – Vehicle Safe Trading Authority and post advice on how to decrease fraud or basically general information about buying and selling a car. These resources have been a huge help to all motorists. Hope you find the car of your dreams in the PistonHead Classifieds.

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