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Description: VCI Classifies is part of VCI internet Services that serves Western Kentucky
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VCI Classifieds

VCI Classifieds Review

You want to sell something? Or are you looking for something in particular within you area and within your budget? Why not post your products or concerns with VCI Classifieds. You will be surprised that the products you are looking for, is actually closer than you think.

First of all, VCI Classifies is part of VCI internet Services that serves Western Kentucky. They provide internet connectivity and services since 1995 and are striving to achieve and provide more services. VCI Internet Services provides fast and reliable internet services such as Telephone Service, DSL service, Dial-Up Accounts, high speed internet called Fiber-To-The-User (FTTU) service, web hosting and web design. If you already have a VCI account and you are out of the VCI service area, you can still access your internet via 1-800 access numbers they provide.

With the Internet Service fully established, they have developed the VCI Classifieds. VCI Classifieds provide free classifies service to basically everyone who wants to sell products, provide services or are looking for a particular product or service. Kentucky residents or even other parts of the US can post their advertisement in VCI Classifieds. They have arranged it by category and by city. You can browse through products pictures and images posted in the site.

People have find VCI classifieds to be more effective than other free ads site. Allowing you to browse by city, narrows down the list of where something is and there is probably one that is close to your area.  A VCI Member has used VCI Classifieds several times and checks it frequently for any sales or deals. There is usually a few. VCI Classifieds also helped one man sell his boat in 24 hours after posting.

The traffic the VCI Classifieds gets is phenomenal. So if you are thinking of posting your site via banner ads, you can avail of that option at a reasonable rate and with enormous impressions. This is going to be a huge, especially if you want drive everyone to your site. You can choose to have targeted advertisement or random ads posted 150,000 times in the site. You can even share your ads on your Facebook page with the Facebook integration button.

Before you can post everything, you need to register. There is a one-time $4.99 sign up fee to be considered registered. Text adverts are free while prices for the banner ads vary by banner size and per number of impressions. You can check out the site for the banner prices.

What else is there to say about VCI Classifieds? I love what they are doing and I would suggest they keep it up but it needs some serious software updates. I have visited the site several times within the past 24 hours and unfortunately, their site is still updating. I understand the interruption and if things are slow as they are trying to get the things up and running. For the maintenance and for the improvement of the page, I will stick by you. I hope you keep it running soon.

I feel that the service the VCI Classifieds provide is exceedingly helpful. I am delighted that someone is providing such service.

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